Janissary’s Rise


Janissary’s Rise is a space opera set in the early 23rd century, two hundred and fifty years after humanity’s first contact with an alien species. It is a story of adventure, revolution, betrayal, surprisingly compassionate slave traders, and a fear of the things that lurk in deep space.

These incredibly diverse beings came to Earth purely by accident, entering through a dimensional wormhole from an alternate version of Planet Earth. These aliens, known as lyrikants, were first encountered after they came through the Ellison’s Pit Cave in Georgia. Understandably, people were alarmed by their presence, but with sincere effort from both humans and lyrikants, alliances were formed.

The lyrikants shared their advanced technological knowledge with humans in exchange for a new home. Their home planet has lived under the light of a dying star for as long as the lyrikant race has existed, and they needed to find a new home or perish with their planet, Lapache. The people of Earth agreed to let the newcomers stay, and in time a new faction of humans and lyrikants was born – Pangaea, a ‘nation’ encompassing the Earth and the surrounding solar system.

Humans and lyrikants coexist together, their societies having merged to create a new way of life. Scattered throughout the Solar System are dozens of massive colonies, and with the help of lyrikant terraforming techniques humans and lyrikants together now dominate the Moon, Mars, and dozens of moons and freely drifting satellites. The Pangaean Parliament oversees the majority of the settlements, with the exception of the Edge Sectors – Europa and Callisto, two moons whose colonies seceded from Pangaea in a bloody uprising.

Now, the Edge Sectors and Pangaea maintain a trade alliance, and people are more or less free to come and go through both systems as they please. Trouble still brews beneath the surface in the shape of a legion of revolutionaries intent on the reform of the Parliament, but for the most part life in Pangaea is normal and good.

They are all unaware that their worlds are about the change… and when that time comes, old loyalties will be forgotten, new alliances will be made, and the limits of sentient trust will be tested. Those who are caught in the middle of the brewing chaos will have to change themselves in order to survive.

The inhabitants of the Pangaean System are about to face a threat unlike anything they have previously imagined.

Janissary is rising.

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